• Ralph SkallebergRalph Skalleberg

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    I am raised in an entrepreneurial family, deeply Involved and Rooted in Skaltek Vision and Prog- ress with great Ownership in Skaltek Customer Network Worldwide. My Know How comes from working closely with operator and end-user in Customer Environment. I Care about Customer Need – Skaltek Futura. “Progress starts with My Attitude – I am Responsible.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 48

  • Ray RiddleRay Riddle

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    I am a mechanical engineer with extensive field experience with Skaltek since 1990. My core business is Customer Need and applications. I work with Projects, Orders, QS Test, QS Start Up, Follow Up, technical support, and field service. “A serving attitude – what can I do for you?”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 44

  • SusanGrimmSusan Grimm

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Joined Skaltek in 2001 with focus on Quality technical documentation and marketing material. Since 2007, my core responsibility is to increase economic Consciousness and give feedback to the Skaltek team in order to manage resources with Care. To be profitable. “Every act of Integrity inspires the next.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 46

  • ”JimJim Vance

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Background in automation controls design, documentation, assembly, testing and installation. Since joining Skaltek in 2004 I work with start up, technical support and value added solutions for customer projects. ”Observe, listen, think and act with care and responsibility.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 26

  • ”JohanJohan Hallberg

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    I am a mechanical engineer with experience in technical documentation, training, and machine rebuilds. My main focus is Quality upgrade structures and fl ow, documentation and technical feedback to the Skaltek team. ”Right First Time: Focus on details makes all the difference.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 60

  • ”KarinKarin Hallberg

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Since joining Skaltek in 2007 with a background in customer service, I have the opportunity to expand my technical knowledge. My core business is spare parts sales, stock maintenance, domestic and international shipping. ”Create confidence one customer at a time.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 24

  • ”RickRick Breitenbach

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Background in automotive classes with exposure to cars and machines at a young age. I enjoy learning how things fi t together and work. I joined Skaltek in 2013 and my core business is Spare Parts Service and Customer Invoicing. ”You must be the change you wish to see.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 50

  • ”ZachZach Southard

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Joined Skaltek 2014 with a background in mechanics and motor sports. Since my start, I work with Mech/Elec function test to prepare for delivery. My focus is mechanical and electrical upgrades, applying my knowledge in the fi eld, working closely with the customer. ”To strive for Quality in everything I do.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 20

  • SedgwickDougWPDoug Sedgwick

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Since my first work at Skaltek 1995 I have been Dedicated to the wire and cable industry. With Know How in cable manufacturing, equipment solutions and packaging I rejoined Skaltek in 2015 to return to my Roots. Focusing on Know How and QS Solutions to build Long-Term Part- nerships. ”Building upon a solid foundation – Making Progress – Follow Through.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 22

  • EarnhardtMichaelWPMichael Earnhardt

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    With a long history in motorcycle racing at a high level, I have learned what it takes to win. I have deeply rooted mechanical skills and as a member of the Skaltek Team I am bringing these skills to the upgrade process. ”Always try to do better and improve.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 36

  • QuickertShawnWPShawn Quickert

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    With a background in racing and having worked as a motorcycle mechanic, I am very resultoriented. To identify the Need is the key for good Results. I joined Skaltek in 2016, contributing with strong mechanical skills to the upgrade process. ”The possibilities are unlimited.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 30

  • Cole PenlandCole Penland

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Before joining Skaltek in 2017, for 10 years I enjoyed working in the powersports industry through every step of the business up to management. I have an understanding of time efficiency and First Time Right. My focus now is mechanical and electrical with attention to QS Testing. ”ASAP; Always Strive And Prosper.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 28

  • Maxim BlakhinMaksim Blakhin

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision

    With experience in production of metalworking machines, I joined Skaltek Team in 2017. As an electrical engineer, I have Knowledge in control systems and in principles of mechanical and pneumatic systems as well. My focus is to be of Future Value, and QS testing Skaltek solutions and increase my Know How.“Review Experience to be Better.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 52

  • Amy LongAmy Long

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision

    Joined the Skaltek team in 2017 bringing with me 12 years of experience installing and pro- gramming automated systems in multiple industries. My focus is on developing intuitive product knowledge to help in my goal of forging lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. “Success is the sum of victory in the details.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 40

  • Brian DyerBrian Dyer

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision

    I joined Skaltek in 2017 with a mechanical background and knowledge in process improvement. My focus is now mechanical and electrical with emphasis on First Time Right. My priority is Customer Satisfaction and building strong relationships. “Coming together is a BEGINNING, Staying together is PROGRESS, Working together is SUCCESS”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 32

  • Stewart RobertsStewart Roberts

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision

    With Skaltek since 2017, my core business is upgrades as well as light fabrication. I have a
    machine tool background with broad mechanical experience in the aviation and packaging industries. I am eager to build to the highest level. “To be Focused and organized is key.”

    Phone +1 770 582 86 xx

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