• Felipe LaraFelipe Lara

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    In 2011 I Committed to Skaltek Vision – “I am Responsible”. My background is Industrial
    Automation. Learning by doing, I have collected Substantial Know How in Coil Packing lines & Reel Applications. My Core Business is to Serve Customer Need in Latin America – To Be a Genuine Partner. “Always in Search of Excellence – Do Better – Together – To a Higher Level – For ALL.”

    Phone +55 1998186-2345

  • Mateus LaraMateus Lara

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    Thankful for being part of Skaltek Delta team since 2014. I have earned Know How in Pac and Reel products. My Priority today is to be connected with our customer network in Latin America, to Deliver Quality-Security Service in Start Up and Follow Up – with Care. “Believe and Communicate to learn to do it the Right Way with Joy and Love.”

    Phone +55 19 98820-1888

  • Murilo MelloMurilo Mello

    My Know How – My Core Business – My Vision:

    I joined Skaltek in 2016 and currently I am studying Control and Automation Engineering. I am focusing in Customer Service pursuing Quality to meet Customer Needs. “Genuine Team Spirit to make Progress and to be a Responsible World Citizen.”

    Phone +55 19 98168-3400

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